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I support women suffering from anxiety and depression due to chronic health conditions to reclaim their life

Join Cara Khym on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being with personalized 1:1 intuitive energy healing sessions. Experience a blend of chakra balancing, quantum clearing, angel healing, and other personalized modalities aimed at guiding you toward inner peace and restoration. Rooted in a heart-centered approach, Cara's goal is to help you feel revitalized and grounded, fostering personal growth, transformation, and empowerment. She is devoted to spreading love and raising the vibration of our planet through love, leading to the creation of the "Path With Heart Healing Center." Are you ready to embark on this journey towards a brighter you?



Are you ready to transform your life?

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Prior to our session, we'll engage in a 20-minute consultation to understand your specific needs, health goals, and any concerns you may have. This ensures that our time together is personalized and precisely tailored for the most impactful healing journey possible.                                                          

1:1 Healing Session

A 60-minute session contains customized energetic healing tailored toward your individual health goals and inner tranquility.  Cara uses channeled messages to shape the flow of the session, guiding you towards a more vibrant and empowered version of yourself.

What Challenges Are You Facing?

  • woman anxiety
  • woman insomnia
  • woman period cramps
    Chronic Pain
  • woman-irritable
  • upset-woman-istock-medium
  • young-woman-taking-medicine-pill-after-doctor-order
    Medication Overload

Are You...

Suffering from the pain of an undiagnosed chronic illness, monthly cycles, depression, anxiety, brain fog, or relationship issues?

Do you feel like you have lost your ability to do basic tasks because you feel like a sinking ship, too overtaken by your daily symptoms to enjoy life to the fullest?

Are you tired of feeling unseen, unheard, and not taken seriously by doctors?


Quantum Healing Pathway


Join a 3-month mentorship with the ideal healing pathway to a brighter version of yourself.

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Weekly 60 min Session
  • 45 min Planning Session
  • Affirmations
  • Journaling
  • 2-As Needed Clarity Calls
  • Email support
  • Online Sessions
  • Consultation Call Required to Book

Healing Session


60 minutes of customized energetic healing.

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Consultation
  • Energy Field Clearing
  • Intuitively Guided
  • Energy Protection
  • Email Support
  • Online Sessions
  • Consultation Call Required to Book



30 minute guided meditation.

  • Group Sessions
  • Energy Field Clearing
  • Grounding
  • Heart Centered Breathing
  • Energy Protection
  • Online Sessions