Third Year Curriculum

There are three goals to the Third Year: via Torah developing a Values-Based Decision Process, Israel, and Community. As some students begin to prepare for their B’nai Mitzvah, the class will study brachot and the blessings used through out HaLev, including the B’nai Mitzvah service. These prayers will reinforce our Hebrew fluency/comprehension and also be used to study Jewish values. By understanding the meaning of the prayers, students will be able to connect the prayer themes to their daily lives.
This past year Terri has spent time learning about Israel Education. Terri created a curriculum called Understanding Israel through the Five Senses. This curriculum focuses our learning on Israeli culture and society beyond what is heard in the media, and to some extent away from the great challenges and upheavals brought on by the conflicts. Which is not to say we will not consider the many facets of war and this specific one; we will, in digestible pieces. This curriculum will be divided into 7 units – each unit is a location in Israel, and each unit has a project associated with it.
Finally, we will continue to build upon the strong sense of community already within the Third year class. By focusing on units and utilizing project based learning, students will have time to work alongside all of the other students in the class, create new friendships and develop existing ones.

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