Shabbat is a cornerstone.  In today’s world of constant rush with too many screens in the hands of even our youngest, Shabbat has the potential to be a remedy for so many of us, for ailments that we don’t even know we have.  Shabbat with HaLev happens in your neighborhood!  Just not every week.  This allows your local friends and community to come together, and to together slow down, sing, relax, and return to an awareness of what is important in life. It carves out time to tell our kids how, in simple terms, we love them.  Shabbat remidns us, educates us, to leave the iPhone in the car.  Consider Shabbat an invitation for your family to come together, to learn from Judaism’s stories and customs, her wisdom, and at the same time to learn from each other.

Shabbat in 2016-17 will be, mostly, in the evenings, and on occasion a Saturday morning.  Daniella and Yitzhak are eager to turn your home into a sanctuary – be it one where we together learn and sing  a contemporary, Daniella led service, a more traditional liturgy [also led by Daniella], or one where your family makes a specific suggestion for the way you would like to see Shabbat celebrated – with a bunch of Beatles, or outside in your back yard, or in a nearby park.  Perhaps you’d like to create a Shabbat for our very youngest?  Send Rabbi Yitzhak a word about how/what you might want to do, and he’ll assist you to brainstorm and then collaboratively shape Shabbat with you.

Our model of focusing on our neighborhood minyans [groups] does NOT mean that we cannot come to the HaLev Shabbat gatherings every time they happen.  So, if your family would like to celebrate Shabbat more often than we are in your hood – brilliant!!  You’ll be the family who gets to know really well the many persons, homes and ways of HaLev.