Second Year Curriculum

There are three goals to the Second year: Community, Blessings/Prayers, and Torah. Now that the students are largely familiar with their Alef-Bet, it is time to question, and begin to understand, what in the world is ‘Torah’ and why have Jews for several thousands of years chosen to pray?  By focusing on blessings, students will continue to reinforce their Hebrew skills, and also learn of the daily lessons life offers us – often something to do with gratitude.
During the year, students will learn about various aspects of Torah and the weekly Torah Portion. The Torah is rich with primary, multifaceted stories and lessons. By using G-dcast and Seder Scenes, the Torah comes to life for students. The activities around each week’s portion will encourage students to find meaning among the lessons in the Torah in their daily lives.
Finally, we will, every day we gather, create friendships and develop our community. By focusing on units and project based learning, students will have time to work with all of the other students, building new or stronger friendships.


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