Who is Welcome?

Derech HaLev welcomes all individuals and families. For nearly two decades our rabbi has been creating a vision of Jewish community that includes both members of interfaith couples as vital, equally valued, participants.

Our community focuses on our ability to learn, in various settings, to integrate our learning, and to be young at heart – meaning flexible and eager. We have often segmented Judaism into a corner of our lives, and the time has come to celebrate our whole selves. The time has come to return to song, and dance, caring for each other, listening to each other, loving each other and most of all learning and doing Judaism as individuals, as a family and as a community.

Community & Our Interconnectedness

Long standing Jewish tradition places great emphasis on community, and learning with and caring about each other. We will develop our awareness, with not only prayer and study, but with meditation, story, yoga, qigong, crafts, music, dance, crafts. We will learn of, experience and consider our interconnectedness with everything. We will pay attention when one of us is hurting, and we will learn. We will observe how this life is fleeting, and at the same time, we maintain an emphasis on process. How we treat each other, in all ways, proves pivotal to our pursuit of wisdom, more-so than any end-game we may envision.