Panim al Panim-Confirmation

Panim al Panim – Teens Listening to Teens [Confirmation!]

American Jewish communities have been doing it backwards – having their young kids view Bat/Bar Mitzvah as the end of their Jewish learning. At HaLev we are creating a culture where our Judaism, our gatherings, our exchanges, our learning are opportunities for us to slow down, to be ourselves, and learn age-old lessons about what to do with our one precious life!

In 2016-17, we’ll occasionally be meeting as a group of dedicated bnai mitzvah.   Gili and Rabbi Yitzhak are developing a set of curricula that will not only inspire our 8th graders/soon to be high schoolers, but will serve as a meeting place for our youth to come together, connect via teen-inspired issues, and overall be a safe space to question and learn about the world around them – teens listening to teens.

Our plan is to meet in various, local locations.

Contact Rabbi Yitzhak if you are interested, have questions and/or suggestions!!