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Derech HaLev welcomes everyone. If you are looking for, and want to learn and participate in a new kind of Jewish community, come experience one of our gatherings.

Commitment System

We are proud to a offer a Commitment System that allows each of our participants to pick an amount they are comfortable with, without HaLev asking for justification behind the amount. Importantly, all families, regardless of financial means, are welcome to be full Derech HaLev participants.

Consider your financial support of Derech HaLev an investment. After estimating our membership and analyzing our streamlined costs, we request, for 2016-17, you consider giving at or above our:


This commitment, if made by each family, will allow us to offer the programming Rabbi Yitzhak, Daniella, and Gili have in mind for 2016-17. For those who are financially able, please consider giving at one of the higher levels..

Nesher [Eagle] Commitment Level of $2,400
Chai Commitment Level of $1,800
Alternative Commitment Level of $800

You are invited to ask for guidance in choosing your Annual Commitment level. Please contact Abbey Smith [215/300-4313] or Brian Fishman [610/246-6611] with any questions.

Religious School

Beit Midrash (religious school) fees are: $1,000 for your first child and $800 for each additional child. Youth are welcome to start school when they feel ready and inspired. Contact Rabbi Yitzhak with any questions, and/or ideas;

Please send in both membership dues and class fees by October 1, 2016.
All checks are made out to: HaLev.
Checks can be mailed to: HaLev / Post Box 437 / Wynnewood, PA 19096.


Click here for our membership form.