Beit Midrash

Our Beit Midrash is a safe learning environment for the 2nd-6th grade members in the Derech HaLev community. Beit Midrash translates into “House of Learning,” a true community of studying together, learning from each other, and exploring Judaism in our families, our classes, and our hearts. Participating students will study Hebrew, consider Jewish thought and ethics, Holidays and the lifecycle, Jewish history, the values found in our liturgy, and of course Torah/Bible stories. In 2016-17 our classwide focus in both Wynnewood and Huntingdon Valley is: TIKKUN OLAM.  All of our students’ abilities and interests will shape the culture of the school and our community. We encourage questions to be asked and for students to use critical thinking when searching for answers.

Class incorporates discussion, text study, art, music, and time to play together. Many of our Tikkun Olam topics will cover a time span of a few weeks with a culminating project/experience. The classes will meet once/week, with similarly aged students learning together. Our Beit Midrash creates a safe space with small class sizes that allow the teachers to cater to specific learning styles, interests, goals, and Hebrew levels. We the teachers, Gili and Yitz, are always available to meet and discuss each student’s learning needs and interests.  We are both scheduled to be present for each and every class, we will both be every student’s teachers.

Main Line Schedule:

Wednesdays 4:30-6:00


Huntingdon Valley Schedule:

Tuesdays 4:30-6:00


Contact Yitz or Gili anytime with questions about the Beit Midrash or the appropriate class for your child.

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