Alef Bet Curriculum

There are three goals to the Alef Bet year: Community, Hebrew, and the Jewish Holidays. This year students are introduced to the Alef Bet. This includes learning the letters and vowels and an introduction to modern Hebrew vocabulary and grammar.  There are songs (we’ll be visited by Cantor Daniella), group work and games played to reinforce our scholars’ Hebrew knowledge.
Alef Bet is also a time to learn more about our holidays during the year. Because we both teach every class, we are at each class able to healthfully bring our different approaches and narratives to our rich collection of holidays, traditions and celebrations.  Our students regularly hear stories and learn songs, traditional and contemporary. Our Alef Bet class will participate in numerous art projects, with students frequently arriving home with their creations to use during the holidays.
Finally, yet vitally, we are continually creating community and friendships. This means there is always some time to play, to together learn, or just be silly.

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