Adult Education

The time has come to become inspired Jewish learners.  As a young, progressive, Jewish community we are in a great position to make a difference in our families’ lives, by making a difference in our own, by becoming deeply engaged in Jewish learning.  The brilliance of the Talmud, for exapmple, is just waiting for us to plumb its depths.  First, in English of course.
HaLev is all about finding a way-in for adults in our community, Jewish and not Jewish, to a more peaceful and engaged life.  Let us fill our lives with meaningful relationships and work, and access to the beauties of today’s inspiring forms of Judaism is a vibrant way forward.  And, we are aware of the benefit our learning, our learning to be generous and compassionate, will have upon our children:
Pirke Avot, Job, and numerous other titles and topics are of interest to Rabbi Yitz.  Share with him what interests you.